Exclusive properties throughout New Jersey and the tri-state area.
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“I think their success is that they know this market inside and out. They know the questions we are going to ask before we ask them. They know the answers as soon as we ask them. At the end of our first negotiation, we were told we had the best lease on the East coast. We felt we had done our due diligence and we got a great deal.”

- Michael Tiernan, Corporate Manager
Shipco Transport, Inc.

“I have been involved with some projects in Newark with Jason Crimmins and he has really helped us navigate through city organizations. He knows the right people to talk to. Blau & Berg stays with the client and with us until the job is done. It’s really from concept to keys.”

- Anthony Garrett, Partner
Bilow Garrett Group

“It’s like a family that keeps growing, and I think that when you are talking about commercial real estate in northern NJ and the surrounding areas, it is all about the relationships. The theme of honesty and integrity with all of the individuals at the company really comes through.”

- Michael Novak, President
Atlantic Environmental Solutions, Inc.

“I would say first and foremost, the attention to what the customer wants has really been what made us feel we made the right choice. We always felt that both Jason Crimmins and Peter Murano had our best interest at heart, and we succeeded together. These are old fashioned values, but they count in any type of business and certainly also in the service field that we are in. ”

- Klaus Jepsen, President
Shipco Transport, Inc.

“They make us feel like family. That’s the difference. “

- Michael Lilonsky, President
Allied Brothers International

“The Blau & Berg Company stands out because it is client-centered. They understand that a good deal for the client is a good deal for the agent or broker in the long run. They are able to adapt to their clients’ changing needs. They are pro-active, calling on potential buyers, sellers, and constantly chasing new deals and opportunities.

What I like most about working with The Blau & Berg Company is their hard work, ethics and tenacity. When we end up working with co-brokers from other firms, I see a big difference between the Blau & Berg team and the other side’s team. Their passion shows. They love real estate and live it daily.”

- David Gilady, President
Gilco Enterprises